Raisin Cakes and Apples

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80) “Sustain me with raisin cakes, refresh me with apples.” We learned this verse and it is good. But the assembly of Israel says it in the exile. “Sustain me” means that one who has fallen needs to be supported, as it is written, “The Lord sustains all who fall.” For this reason, the assembly of Israel, Malchut, which has fallen, as in, “She has fallen, she will not rise again,” needs to be sustained. This is why she said, “Sustain me.” She said that to Israel, her sons, who are in exile with her.

81) With what is the fallen Malchut sustained? With raisin cakes—the patriarchs—which are first filled with the good, kept wine, illumination of Hochma from Bina’s left line, which is received in HGT—the patriarchs. And when they receive the kept wine, they are called, “raisin cakes.” And when they are filled, the blessings are inside Malchut, through one degree, which is righteous, Yesod, which receives from the patriarchs and bestows upon Malchut. And it unites the Holy Name, Malchut, with ZA, so she will receive of those raisin cakes even though there are no blessings in the world, for she is still in exile. He, Yesod, supports and sustains the assembly of Israel in exile, which is why she said, “Sustain me with raisin cakes.”

82) “…refresh me with apples.” Apples and raisin cakes are both the patriarchs, which bestow upon Yesod, and Yesod, upon Malchut. The difference between them is that a raisin cake brings in the wine, and the apple takes out the wine and aims the desire. This is why it writes raisin cakes and apples. Raisin cakes to be satiated by wine, and apples to aim the desire, so the wine will not do harm.

And all of this is “for I am love-sick,” in exile. And one who unites the Holy Name should unite the judgment with mercy, to properly incorporate them, to properly perfume and correct everything. And this supports the assembly of Israel in exile.

The patriarchs, HGT de ZA, are called “apples,” since ZA is called “an apple,” as it is written, “Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest.” However, apples are regarded as being from the side of Hassadim, which are dominated by the right of HGT, as it is written, “In his shade I took great delight and sat down.”

Raisin cakes are regarded as being from the side of the domination of the left side of HGT, which receives the kept wine, illumination of Hochma from Bina’s left side, when HGT de ZA are governed by the left, which is the time for receiving wine. These are Kelim [vessels] for reception of the wine, and at that time they are called “raisin cakes.” When illumination of the left is drawn without Hitkalelut [mingling] with the right, this draws harmful judgments from the left. This is why the apples, which are illumination of Hassadim, are needed, for then the raisin cakes do not do harm, as it is written, “raisin cakes,” which are judgments, “with apples,” which are mercy.

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