Two Live Birds

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17) A cedar tree, Tifferet, as it is written “From the cedar that is in Lebanon,” for the plants of a cedar tree, Tifferet, take root only in Lebanon, Bina.

18) “To take for him that is to be cleansed two living clean birds, and cedar-wood, and scarlet, and hyssop.” When a man engages in the work of his Master and engages in the Torah, the Creator is over him and Divinity bonds with him. When a man comes to be defiled, Divinity parts with him, the Creator parts with him, all his Master’s side of holiness turns away from him, and the spirit of impurity is over him and over the whole side of impurity. When he comes to be purified, he is assisted. And after he is purified and repents, what has departed him returns to him—the Creator and His Divinity—and they are on him.

19) It is written, “To take for him that is to be cleansed two living clean birds.” Since he already said, “Two birds,” I do not know that they are alive. So why does it say “living”? Indeed, actually alive, as it is written, “And I fear,” the animals. They correspond to the place from which the prophets are nursed, Netzah and Hod, which are called “lower animals.”

The cedar tree is Tifferet, and scarlet is the red side of Gevura in Divinity, which partook with him in the beginning. The hyssop is the small VavYesod, which nurses the assembly of Israel, Divinity. For this reason, a cedar tree and hyssop, which are Tifferet and Yesod, go together, for they are regarded as one.

Hence, there are two Vavs are as one in the name HaVaYaH. The Vav that is pronounced is Vav. There is one above, Tifferet, and one small, Yesod—upper Vav and lower Vav. And everyone, the Creator—who is Tifferet and Yesod—and Divinity return to being over him as in the beginning, since he has been purified. And opposite those that return to him, which are TifferetYesod, and Divinity, below they are a tree (cedar), hyssop, and scarlet, which are in this purity, hanging from these high Sefirot.

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