I Will Give Peace in the Land

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25) “Tremble, but do not sin.” A man should anger the good inclination over the evil inclination, and this is good. But when the night has fallen and one lies in one’s bed, several litigants, harm-doers, awaken and roam and wander in the world. And people should tremble before the Creator and fear Him so that one’s soul will not be among them and he will be saved from them.

Also, one must neither utter a word of them nor speak of their existence whatsoever, so he will not awaken them upon him and they will not be with him, as it is written, “Tremble, and sin not; commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.” Meaning, one should not utter a word of them.

26) When Israel are worthy before the Creator, it is written, “I will give peace in the land.” This is above, when the Creator comes to bind with the assembly of Israel. Peace means Yesod, and in the land means Malchut. Then, “and you shall lie down, and none shall frighten you,” since “I shall eliminate harmful beasts from the land.” This is the beast of the evil kind below, Igeret, daughter of Mahalat, which is an evil Klipa [shell] and all her company. This is at night. During the day, “I shall eliminate harmful beasts from the land” means people who come from her side, harm-doers, as it is written, “And no sword will pass through your land.”

27) Even a sword of peace will not go through your land, such as Pharaoh Neco, who wished to pass through the land of Israel and Josiah the king did not leave him. “And no sword will pass” refers to her company, which comes from the side of Klipa. “I shall eliminate harmful beasts” means that the Klipa itself will not rule over the earth, and even the ferryboat will not pass through you, and even the sword of the rest of the nations, and even one armed man will not pass through you.

28) This is what Josiah the king said. He would not allow the soldiers of Pharaoh Neco through the land, for he was caught by the iniquities of Israel and was therefore killed then, as it is written, “The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of the Lord, was taken in their pits.” We learned that if the head of the people is good, the whole world is saved by his merit. And if the head of the people is dishonest, all the people are caught for his iniquity. And Josiah, who was an honest head, whose deeds were upright, why was he caught for the iniquity of Israel?

29) He did not believe in Jeremiah and did not torment Israel so they would repent because he thought that they were all as righteous as he was. And Jeremiah told him that, but he did not believe him, and this is why he was caught for their iniquities. Moreover, the moon, Malchut, was waning its light and about to be completely hidden, since it was already nearing the ruin of the Temple.

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