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BEHUKOTAI (Legile mele)

  • Remember What Balak Counselled – (text) ENG
  • And God Came unto Balaam (text) ENG
  • It Pleased the Lord to Bless Israel (text) ENG
  • If You Walk in My Statutes (text) ENG
  • I Will Give Your Rains in Their Season (text) ENG
  • Alms for the Poor (text) ENG
  • I Will Give Peace in the Land (text) ENG
  • And I Will Set My Tabernacle among You (text) ENG
  • And Moses Took the Tent (text) ENG
  • My Beloved Is Like a Gazelle (text) ENG
  • Justice in Its Judgements (text) ENG
  • Seven Times More for Your Sins (text) ENG
  • For Your Transgressions Was Your Mother Sent Away (text) ENG
  • These Are the Words of the Covenant (text) ENG
  • I Will Not Reject Them, Neither Will I Abhor Them (text) ENG
  • A Son Honors His Father (text) ENG

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