Israel Are the Creator’s Brothers

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381) Israel are called “the brothers of the Creator,” meaning that their love never stopped. Jerusalem of below is called “your mother’s sister, as it is written, “Jerusalem that is built as a city that has been joined together.” That is, Jerusalem of below, as a city that has been joined together, is Malchut. It has been joined together because of the mating of the king from VAK, who is ZA, on all the sides of the king, at the degree of righteous, Yesod, in which all the Sefirot of the king are included. It has been joined together in all the Sefirot of ZA.

382) It is written, “To which the tribes go up, the tribes of the Lord, a testimony to Israel.” The tribes are the twelve boundaries that part from the big and strong tree, ZA, who inherited them from the side of AVI. Twelve boundaries are the four Sefirot HG TM, in each of which are three lines. From ZA they extend to Malchut, in whom they are called twelve tribes. “The tribes of the Lord” are from the goodness of the testimony that the holy son testifies, as it is written, “The tribes of the Lord, a testimony to Israel.”

These twelve boundaries are testimony, the illumination of Eden, who is Hochma. They are deep rivers that drip and extend from YodHey, which are AVI, and it is all in order to thank the name of the Lord. It is written, “For there were set thrones for judgment, the thrones of the house of David,” to inherit the holy Malchut to him and to his sons for all generations. This is the poetry that David said about the high and holy Malchut.

383) It is all in the upper secret, to show that one who blemishes below, blemishes above. The time of the disciples of the wise is from Sabbath to Sabbath, since they know the meaning of the matter and will aim their hearts, and their desire will be complete. The children they beget are called “children of the king.” If they blemish below, it is as though they blemish the upper bride, Malchut, and then it is written, “You shall not uncover the nakedness of your daughter-in-law.”

That explanation is for those who know the ways of Torah. For the rest of the people, the explanation is the one that is in the revealed, literally your daughter-in-law [Kalah means both “bride” and “daughter-in-law”], the son’s wife. And for that iniquity, the Shechina departs from among them. That is, it implies to the upper daughter-in-law, as well, who departs due to that flaw below.

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