Upper Ima Is a Wife; Lower Ima Is a Bride

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377) “Do not uncover the nakedness of your father’s brother.” This is Israel below, for Israel are the brothers of ZA, who is your father. Your mother’s sister is Jerusalem of below, who is the sister of Malchut of above, who is your mother. It is so because by these iniquities the nakedness of Israel will be revealed, meaning that Israel will be exiled among the nations, and the nakedness of Jerusalem will be revealed, meaning that Jerusalem below will be ruined. For this comes the love of the Creator, who called Israel, “brothers,” as it is written, “For the sake of My brothers and My friends, I will speak, ‘May peace be in you.’” And this is why the text says about them, “The nakedness of your father’s brother.”

378) If it is written, “My brothers,” why is it also written, “My friends”? Something that never stops is called “My friends,” as it is written, “Your friend and your father’s friend do not forsake.” Upper ImaBina, is called “wife” because the father’s love never stops from her. And lower ImaMalchut, is called “bride” and is called “sister,” as it is written, “We have a little sister,” Malchut.

379) “The nakedness of your sister, your father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter, whether born at home or born outside, their nakedness you shall not uncover.” Because it is written, “Your father’s daughter,” what is “Or your mother’s daughter?” That is, since AVI never part, if Malchut is the daughter of your father, who is upper Abba, is she not necessarily the daughter of your mother, too, who is upper Ima?

But if she comes from the side of Abba, that the side of Abba governs her, Malchut is called Hochma. If from the side of Ima, and the side of Ima governs her, she is called Bina. And still she is from AVI together, since the letter YodAbba, never parts from the letter HeyIma. It is written, “born at home,” when she is from the side of Abba, or “born outside,” when she is from the side of Ima, since Ima is regarded as the externality of Abba.

380) “In wisdom shall a house be built.” A house that is built with wisdom is a river that goes out of Eden, Bina. “Born at home” is Malchut, who was born from Bina, who is a house for wisdom. Or “born outside,” when Malchut exits the VavZA. As Adam, ZA, said about Eve, Malchut, “A bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” And it is written, “And He took one of his ribs, and closed up the place with flesh instead.” Thus, Malchut emerges from ZA. This is “born outside,” from the place where ZA is found, who is outside of Ima.

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