Man Was Created in the Torah

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1) “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” Happy are Israel for the Creator gave them the holy Torah, which is the joy of everything, the joy of the Creator and the place where He roams, as it is written, “and I was daily all delight,” and the whole Torah is one holy name of the Creator. And the world was created in the Torah, as it is written, “Then I was beside Him as trusted [Amun].” Dot not read it as Amun, but as Uman [a master craftsman], as she was His tool for creating the world.

2) Man was created in the Torah, as it is written, “And God said: ‘Let us make man…” It is written, “Let us,” in plural tense. The Creator said to the Torah, “I wish to create man.” She said before him, “This man will sin and vex you. If You are not patient with him, how will he persist?” He told her, “You and Me will establish him in the world, for it is with good reason that I am called, ‘slow to anger.’”

3) The written Torah, ZA, and the oral Torah, Malchut established man in the world, as it is written, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” It is written in plural tense. This is the image and the likeness, both of which made man. Tzelem [Image] is ZA, and Demut [likeness] is Malchut, from the word, Demama [stillness/silence], who has nothing of her own, except what she receives from ZA. Also, man’s soul is born from the Zivug of ZA and Malchut, which is why it is written, “in our image, after our likeness.” Hence, the beginning of the Torah is in the letter, Bet [numerical value, 2], implying ZA and Malchut.

4) Why is the letter Bet [] open on one side and closed on the other side? When a person comes to join with the Torah, it is open to receive him and partake with him. And when a person shuts his eyes to her and goes by another way, she is blocked from the other side, like the Bet, as it is written, “If you forsake me for one day, I will forsake you for two days,” and he will not find the opening until he reconnects with the Torah face-to-face and will not depart it. Hence, the Torah opens, calling upon people and declaring and summoning them, “To you, O men, I call.”

5) Bet has a shape of two roofs and one line that connects them. One roof points up, toward the heaven, and this is ZA, and one roof points down toward the earth, and this is Malchut. And the Creator, Yesod, grips them and receives them.

6) The three upper lights, three lines, which are clung together are the whole of the Torah, and they open doors to all. They open doors and impart upon faith, meaning Malchut, and they are home to all. This is why they are called, “house,” since they are the three lines in the Bet, implying the three lines of ZA, which are a house. And this is why the Torah begins with Bet, since she is the Torah, and the cure for the world.

7) Hence, for one who engages in the Torah, it is as though he engages in the holy name. And the whole Torah is one sublime, holy name. And because it is a holy name, it begins with Bet, the entirety of the holy name, the three lines in “journeyed,” “came,” and “pitched,” which are the three lines of ZA, which are three ties that affect the faith, Malchut.

8) All those who engage in Torah cling to the Creator and are crowned in the decorations of Torah. They are loved above and below, and the Creator offers them His right hand, mercy. It is even more so with those who engage in Torah at night, as well, for they have established that they partake in Divinity and join together. And when the morning comes, the Creator decorates them with a single string of grace, so they will be among the higher and among the lower.

9) And all these morning stars sing together when the assembly of Israel, Malchut and all who engage in Torah, come to be seen before the king, as it is written, “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” What is, “shouted for joy”? It is written, “The earth is broken, broken down,” meaning shattered. This is so because these judgments, called “God’s children,” are broken. They all break before the morning, when the morning rises in the world, which is the illumination of Hesed de ZA, as it is written, “Now Abraham arose early in the morning.” Abraham is Hesed; hence, “and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”

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