Oil and Wine

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91) Oil, right, is for the priests. Wine, left, is for the Levis. It is not because they need to drink wine, but because abundance of Hochma in the left line of Bina extends to their side from the kept wine, to join everything together and to delight all the worlds. In this way, right and left will be completely mingled in one another and all will be liked, and there will be love of the sons of faith. Thus, the Hitkalelut [mingling] of right and left in one another completes all the degrees.

92) Those whose desire clings to the Hitkalelut of right and left are whole in this world and in the next. And all their days, they cling to repentance, which is Bina—the place where there are wine and oil (uniting of right and left). And then he will not be attached to this world, not to wealth or its delights.

And King Solomon cried about it and said, “He who loves wine and oil shall not be rich” in this world, since another wealth awaits him, in which he will have a share. He will have a share in the next world, the place where there are wine and oil, in this world and in the next. And those who love this place do not need wealth and do not chase it. Happy are the righteous, who engage in the higher wealth all day, as it is written, “Gold or glass cannot equal it, nor can it be exchanged for vessels of fine gold.” This is in this world. And later, in the next world, “To endow those who love Me with wealth, that I may fill their treasuries.”

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