A Man Who Takes Bribes

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88) “The king gives stability to the land by justice, but a man who gives gifts destroys it.” The king is the Creator. “…by justice” is Jacob, who is the sum of the patriarchs, the middle line, containing Hesed and Gevura, Abraham and Isaac, since in the middle line does he establish and sustains the earth, Malchut. “But a man who gives gifts” means the word Terumot [gifts/donations] is written without a Vav, which is the middle line, called “sentence.” The gift is Malchut, as it is written, “And this is the contribution.” Malchut is called “this,” and the man who gives gifts is Esau, who asked about contributions and tithing every day but did nothing. He would ask his father, “How does one give tithing off straw and salt?” But he did not give tithing even from what should be deducted as tithing. And he is a man of contributions who is not sentencing, like Jacob, who is the middle line.

However, he is only from the left line that is not included in the right, since the contribution, Malchut, is the departure of mercies from his side; it is discerned as judgment only, which is left without right. And this is why Malchut is not included in the sentence that includes right and left, and this is why he destroys her, as it is written, “some are perished without sentence,” since it is judgment without mercy. Hence, “…a man who gives gifts destroys it.”

89) But King David was a man of gifts. Is King David a chariot for Malchut from the discernment of her left? He is rather, in mercy, not only for Malchut of the left, such as Esau, but also for the left of Malchut, clothed in mercy. Moreover, it is written, “the sure mercies of David.” Thus, as he clung to the Malchut of the left, he clung to the Hassadim, as well.

90) All his life, King David tried to connect this contribution, Malchut, to the sentence, ZA, the middle line, and have them mate together. Solomon came and coupled them, and the moon, Malchut, stood in its fullest. And the earth, Malchut, insisted on its persistence. Zedekiah came and separated them, and the earth, Malchut, remained without a sentence, ZA. Thus, the moon was flawed and the land was ruined. Then it was said, “but a man who gives gifts,” Zedekiah, “destroys it.”

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