The Fire of the Altar Crouches like a Lion

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129) In the altar, Uriel rises and appears as a mighty lion lying over its prey. And priests and Israel saw and were delighted, for they knew that their offering was welcomed by the holy King. And another fire, high and holy, descended from above. It is Angel Uriel, opposite the bottom fire that they placed on the altar. At that time, one would be startled before one’s master and return in complete repentance.

130) It is similar to a king whose people sent him a gift which he welcomed. He said to his servant, “Go and take that gift that they brought me.” This is what the Creator said to Angel Uriel, “Go and receive the gift that My sons have sacrificed before Me.” What joy was there in everything, and what sweetness was in all when the priest and the Levite, and the one who made the offering, would aim to make the offering as it should be, in complete unification.

131) And fire came out from the Creator and consumed the offering on the altar. This fire is Uriel, who came down appearing as a fire in flame. He went down to the altar to receive the gift, the offering, and he seemed like a big lion crouching over the offering.

132) When Israel are not found to be worthy, or the one who made the offering did not offer properly and his offering was not accepted, they would see that the smoke did not rise straight. A wind would rise from the foramen of the Klipot on the north, and come to the altar, and they would see an image of an impudent dog crouching over the offering. Then they would know that the offering was not welcomed.

133) It is like a king who was sent a gift. The king saw it, and it was unfit to be offered before him. The king said, “Take away that gift and give it to a dog, for it is unfitting to be brought before me.” Similarly, when the offering is sacrificed and is not welcomed, the offering is given to the dog. This is why they would see the image of a dog over the altar.

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