Who Lays the Beams of His Upper Chambers in the Water

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124) “Who lays the beams of His upper chambers in the water.” When the Creator created the world, He took it out of water and set it up on water. He divided the water into two halves, a half below and a half above, and operated on them. From the lower half, He made and established this world, set it up on this half, and established the world above, as it is written, “For He has founded it upon the seas.” He raised and hid the upper ceilings with the other half, which rises, as it is written, “Who lays the beams of His upper chambers in the water.”

125) He made a firmament between those two halves, as it is written, “Let there be a firmament within the waters.” Atop them, He established and arranged high and holy angels out of the wind [Ruach] that derived from His mouth, as it is written, “And by the breath of His mouth is all their host.”

126) With these angels, He established and arranged the psalms of His praise during the day. They mingle with flames of fire, and those armies of hosts sing at daytime, praise in the morning, and chant at evening time. When nighttime comes, they all cease to sing. Instead, other angels sing at night, since those that are on the day do not sing at night. Above them are armies of fire standing with a strong flame, smelling a consuming fire and returning to their places.

127) At the side of the Klipot, when these deeps rise one atop the other, there is the upper deep, Bina de Klipot, and there is the bottom deep, Malchut de Klipot. In all of them, there are the litigants from the side of harsh Din. Also, within the bottom deep are flames that burn sparks of fire, which are appointed over the Dinim of the world, to burn the wicked in fire that extends from the river of fire. They are all fire and their appearance is a blazing fire, standing between the upper ones and the lower ones.

128) When the smoke of the altar rises, the sabotaging angels, which are poised to destroy and to consume, pass away and are lost from the bottom deep. And that leak of strong fire from the river of fire—which is strong and superior—returns to its place. And all the outer ones enjoy the smoke of the altar because it was established opposite the upper altar, hence they enjoy it. They approach that smoke, and it is the smoke of internal organs and tallow that are consumed during the night, from which the outer ones are nourished. And another smoke rises up from the offerings during the day—for Kedusha [holiness], since the smoke nurses everyone, both the Kedusha and the Sitra Achra. And this is the will of all, which rises up because it is contentment to the holy King.

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