The Oil of the Incense

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152) Even though the sons of Aaron died at that time, and the greatness of the day did not save them, it was right from several angles, for it was not the time of offering incense, since incense is offered only in the morning and in the evening. It is written about it, “And Aaron shall burn fragrant incense on it in the morning, in the morning; he shall burn it when he dresses the candles,” so oil and incense will be together. It is also written, “And when Aaron lights the candles in the evening, he shall burn it.”

153) Incense is burned in these times, in the morning and in the evening, and not at other times, except at a time when there is a plague in the world. At that time, it is offered even when it is not its time, as it happened with what is written, “And Moses said to Aaron, ‘Take the pan and place fire on it.’” And the sons of Aaron did not burn at a time when oil and incense were together, in the morning or in the evening, for it implies to the unification of HB, since oil is Hochma and incense is Bina, and this is why they died.

154) Also, they were rushing to offer incense while their father was alive, for it was not permitted to burn incense for any person in his life, especially that they were unmarried and flawed, for one who did not marry a woman is flawed and unworthy of having blessings in the world through him because there are no blessings on him. And they are certainly not drawn through him to others. Moreover, they were drunken by wine. This is why it is written, “And fire came forth from before the Lord and consumed them,” since incense is the most favored of all the offerings, it is the joy of upper and lower, and it is written, “Oil and incense rejoice the heart.”

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