Three Degrees on the Offering

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121) “And this is the law of the guilt-offering.” “And this is the law of the meal-offering.” “And this is the law of the sacrifice of peace-offerings.” “This is the law of the sin-offering.” If below, “this” is in everything, and if above, “this” is in everything, since “this,” Malchut, includes all the lights from her and above, and receives all of them within her. Similarly, below, she gives to all the worlds from her and down and contains them. This is why the name “this” was said in all the offering, since she contains all of them. And one who engages in Torah takes the Malchut completely into his own part and unites with all of her Behinot: guilt, meal, peace, and sin. Thus, he no longer needs to sacrifice for himself.

122) It is written, “The priests did not say, ‘Where is the Lord?’ And the catchers of the law did not know Me; and the shepherds transgressed against Me.” The priests are those priests that serve in a great priesthood and bring holy things to their places and unite the unification of each and every thing as it should be. The catchers of the law are the Levites, who capture the violins that come from the side of the Torah. And the Torah was given from their side, the left side, Gevura. They are appointed over the song of the praises of the holy King, to unite Him in the complete unification as it should be. “And the shepherds transgressed against Me” are the ministers of the people, who shepherd the people, as a shepherd guides his flock.

123) These are three degrees, three lines that must always be on the offering, to be welcomed above and below, so there will be blessings in all the worlds. The priest offers a sacrifice and directs to unify the holy name properly, to evoke his side, the right side, Hesed. The Levites aim to evoke their side—the left side, Gevura—with a song, and to be included in the side of the priest. And Israel, the shepherds, middle line, Tifferet, aim the heart and will toward complete repentance and yield before the holy King, who takes everything. Their iniquities are atoned and there is joy in the upper ones and in the lower ones.

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