A Righteous Suffers; a Wicked Prospers

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354) There is a righteous who suffers, and a wicked who prospers. A righteous—anyone whose iniquities are few pays for his iniquities in this world. Hence, a righteous suffers. And anyone whose iniquities are many and whose merits are few, his reward is given in this world. Therefore, a wicked prospers.

The Dinim of the Master of the world are deep. But when the Creator wishes to atone for the iniquities of the generation, He strikes their arm and they all heal. It is like a healer who strikes and draws blood through the arm in order to save all the organs, as it is written, “And he was wounded because of our transgressions, he was crushed because of our iniquities; the chastising of our well being was upon him, and by his scourging we were healed.”

355) On that day of Rosh Hashanah they stand on seventy thrones to sentence the Din of the world. Several advocates and prosecutors stand above, some lean to the right, to merit, and some lean to the left, to fault, to mention the faults of the world and the faults of each and every one.

For this reason a person must confess and detail one’s sins, each as it is, for one who details his sins before the Creator, his sentence is given to the king alone. And one who is sentenced by the Creator, it is for the best. This is why David asked, “Be my judge, O God,” You and none other. And Solomon also said, “To make the judgment of His servant,” He and none other. And the courthouse of above is separated from him.

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