Behold, I Give Him My Covenant of Peace

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128) Rabbi Yosi said, “In this place, I saw Rabbi Pinhas son of Yair. One day he was standing in this place and was saying this: ‘Pinhas, son of Elazar, son of Aaron the priest.’” Pinhas is written with a small Yod. Why?

129) It is because there are two alphabets. There is an alphabet of big letters, and there is an alphabet of small letters. The big letters are in the next world, Bina. The small letters are in this world, Malchut. This is why a small Yod is a token of the holy covenant, Malchut. Because Pinhas was jealous for this covenant, a small Yod was added to it, that covenant, Malchut.

130) At that time, the Creator said, “What should I do with Moses?” This covenant is from Moses. And the bride, Malchut, is his. It is inappropriate to give her, Malchut, to another, without Moses’ awareness and consent. He said to Moses: “Moses, Pinhas, son of Elazar, son of Aaron the priest.”

Moses said to Him: “Lord of the world, what is He?” The Creator said to him, “You have given up your soul for Israel several times so they would not be eradicated from the world, and he, Pinhas, subsided my wrath at Israel.” Moses said, “What is it You want from me, for everything is Yours? If you want to install Malchut on him, who will tell You what to do?”

131) The Creator said to Moses: “Everything is yours. Tell Pinhas that My Shechina will be inside of him.” Moses said, “Malchut will be in him wholeheartedly.” The Creator said, “You will say it with your mouth and you will raise your voice, that you are giving him the Shechina willingly, wholeheartedly, as it is written, ‘Therefore say,’ willingly, ‘Behold, I give him My covenant of peace.’”

Moses would say, “Behold, I give him My covenant of peace.” If it related to the Creator, he should have said, “Therefore say to him, ‘Behold, I give him My covenant of peace.’” But this is not written, but rather, “Therefore, say,” and it is not written, “to him.” This means that the command was for Moses to say it.

It is not that the Shechina moved from Moses and was given to Pinhas. Rather, it is like a candle from which to light: one gives and delights, and the other does not become deficient.

132) They heard a voice saying, “Make room for Rabbi Pinhas, son of Yair, who is with you.” In any place where the righteous renewed words of Torah, when he is in this world, he visits this place and comes to it. It is even more so when other righteous are in it, to renew in that place and say words of Torah.

Similarly, Rabbi Pinhas son of Yair came to visit his place and found those righteous renewing words of Torah, and that thing was renewed as before, before Rabbi Pinhas son of Yair.

133) Rabbi Aba said, “That thing of Rabbi Pinhas son of Yair is good, for it is not written, ‘Therefore behold, I am giving.’ Rather, it is written, ‘Therefore say, ‘Behold, I am giving him.’’ This means that He commanded Moses to tell him. But was this matter concealed by you from that pious one and you did not speak until now? Happy are we for we have been privileged with being here with the help of the holy shadow.

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