Whatsoever You Find that You Can Do by Your Hand, That Do

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134) It is written, “Whatever you find that you can do by your hand, that do.” How good it is for a person to exert to do his Master’s will while the candle is lit and is present over his head, since the light of the candle is a power that is over him. It is written about it, “Let the power of the Lord grow,” the power over the head of the righteous, and all those who engage in their Master’s will, the Shechina. Anyone who answers, “Amen, may His great name be blessed,” with all his might, his sentence of seventy years is torn.

135) He must certainly awaken all his organs with great force to the work of the Creator because by the strong awakening that he intensifies, he awakens that high and holy power, Malchut. He rises in holiness and breaks the power and might of the Sitra Achra, as it is written, “Whatever you find that you can do by your hand,” for by your strength you must do your Master’s will.

136) It is written, “For there is no deed or calculation, or knowledge, or wisdom in the netherworld,” since there is an act in this force, the effort to engage in this world, which is called an “act,” the “world of actions,” to complete the end of the thought. A calculation is the world that is dependent on speech, Malchut, called “speech,” since calculation depends on the speech. For this reason, all the Gematriot [pl. of Gematria], times, and impregnations of the world are in the moon, Malchut. Knowledge is VAKZA, which are dependent on the thought, and are called “the world of that thought,” Bina. And wisdom is the Hochma on which everything depends, as it is written, “You have made them all in wisdom.”

137) The whole deed, calculation, knowledge, and wisdom are included in that force, which is the Shechina that is on the head of the righteous. This is not so on the side of the netherworld, in the degree of Hell, since anyone who is not exerting in that force in this world, to enter it with deed, calculation, knowledge, and wisdom, will finally enter the netherworld, where there are no deed, calculation, knowledge, or wisdom. The Sitra Achra is the way of the netherworld, as it is written, “Her house is the way to the netherworld.” One who is healed by that holy force, the Sitra Achra—whose house is the netherworld—attacks him.

138) All the people in the world go to the netherworld. But the righteous rise immediately, as it is written, “He brings down to the netherworld and brings up.” The exception is those wicked ones who never contemplated redemption, who descend to the netherworld and never rise up.

Even complete righteous go down there because they take from there several wicked and raise them up. They raise those who contemplated redemption in this world but were unable because they parted from the world. The righteous come down for those wicked ones inside the netherworld, and take them up and raise them from there.

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