God Has Not Empowered Him to Eat From Them

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140) How hard-hearted are people, for they do not watch over the words of that world at all. The evil in the heart, which clings to all organs of the body, does that to them. “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it is heavy upon men.” This evil is the force of the evil in the heart that wishes to dominate the worldly matters and does not watch over the matters of that world at all.

141) Why is the heart evil? The following verse proves it, as it is written, “A man to whom God gives riches, wealth.” This is a perplexing verse, since it is written, “So that he wants nothing for his soul of all that he desires.” Thus, why has God not “Empowered him to eat from them”? After all, “He wants nothing for his soul”? Rather, it is a secret, and all the words of King Solomon clothe in other things. They are as words of Torah that clothe in stories of this world.

142) Even though one should consider the clothing, the mundane stories, meaning even though the text is to be understood as written, this verse says this: A person walks in this world and the Creator gives him wealth so he will be rewarded with the next world by it, and will remain with a capital of his money. The capital is money that exists forever, a place in which to bundle the soul. This is why he must keep this capital after him, and he will receive this capital after he departs this world.

143) Because this capital is the tree of life of that world, ZA, there is nothing of it in this world, but the fruits that come out of it. This is why man eats its fruits, which he has been awarded in this world, while the capital exists for him in that world, to be rewarded with it in the upper life, above.

144) And one who defiles himself and is drawn after self gratification, and lacks nothing for his body and his soul, that tree, ZA, remains and does not put him before Him in fear, to receive him above. And then, God does not empower him to eat from it and to be rewarded with that wealth. Certainly, another man will eat it, as it is written, “The wicked may prepare it, but the just will wear it.” For this reason, man needs to be rewarded with that world by what the Creator gives him, and then he eats from it in this world, and that capital will remain with him for the other world, for it will be bundled in the bundle of life.

145) “If You are going to deal thus with me, please kill me at once.” Did Moses, who was more humble than all the people in the world, give himself to death because Israel had asked him to eat? Indeed, this is a sublime issue. Moses was neither angered nor sought to give himself over to death because Israel had asked of him to eat meat.

146) Moses was united above and was rising in what no other prophet was united. And when the Creator told Moses, “Behold, I will cause to rain bread from heaven for you,” Moses was glad and said, “Now this perfection will certainly be in me, since thanks to me, there is MAN for Israel.” When Moses saw that they reverted and descended to another degree and sought meat, and said, “And our soul loathes this miserable bread,” he said, “If this is so, then my degree is flawed, because Israel ate MAN in the wilderness thanks to me. Thus, I am flawed, Aaron is flawed, and Nahshon the son of Amminadab is flawed,” since Aaron and Nahshon were gripped to the right and to the left of Moses.

147) “If You are going to deal thus with me, please kill me at once,” for I have become as Nukva, as Malchut with her food, meaning with the meat that they seek. And I am coming down from the heavens, from a high degree, meaning ZA, by loathing the bread from the sky into the degree of Nukva—into eating meat. But I am better than all the prophets in the world, for all the prophets prophesied in Koh, which is the Nukva, and Moses prophesied in Zeh, which is ZA, called “sky.” This is why he said, “And let me not look upon my wretchedness,” for descending to an inferior degree is certainly considered death, since for one who descends from degree to degree, it is considered death.

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