Liver and Heart

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374) All the Dinim are mitigated in the TeruahTekiahShevarim. What the liver grips, it offers to the heart, to the king, to nourish him. It is not the conduct of the heart, nor is it his desire for the murkiness of the deeds of his people. Rather, he takes all that is clear and clean, all the merits and the good deeds. And all the murkiness, the filth, and the dirt—the bad deeds—it leaves for the liver, SAM, of whom it is written, “Esau was a hairy man.”

And because of all his arteries, which are the rest of the idol worshipping nations, it is written, “And the goat [also “hairy”] shall carry on it all their iniquities.” Their iniquities has the letters of “iniquities of the innocent” [in Hebrew], the one of whom it is written, “And Jacob was an innocent [also “whole”] man.” The iniquities of his people are in the knocking arteries and the tendons in the heart.

375) Because of it, boils, leprosy, and psoriasis that are in all the organs are in the liver, from the filth that remained in him. From the heart comes health to all the organs. Because the heart took all that is pure and clear and clean, the liver takes what is available and remains with the dirt and filth, and throws to all the other organs, the rest of the idol worshipping nations against their will. The spleen, Lilit, takes of the waste of the liver. It is written about him, “Let there be lights” without a Vav, since Lilit was created, for “light” [without a Vav] means “curse,” as it is written, “The curse of the Lord in the house of a wicked.”

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