Protrusion of the Liver, Gall, Trachea, Gullet, and Shofar

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362) It is written, “Which is protruding from the liver,” and it is written, “The protrusion on the liver.” “Protrusion from the liver” is a woman of harlotry, Lilit, who walks out and exits the liver, SAM, to mislead the world and slander them. She leaves the male in order to perform harlotry, and this is why it is written, “protruding from the liver.’

“Protrusion on the liver,” since after she performs adultery she rises above him. She is the insolence of a harlot woman who overcomes her husband, SAM, the liver, by the anger of the gall, which is a woman of strife and anger who controls her male, meaning an insolent harlot woman who rules over the liver, SAM, for she is a woman of strife and anger. This is why she is called “protruding on the liver.”

363) “Protruding from the liver” is because she exits the liver, SAM, her husband, to harm the whole world and perform adultery with everything. Afterward she ascends to the male with insolence of a harlot woman, with impudence, and then she is on the liver.

She is called “protruding from the liver” because after she goes out to fornicate with everything, she gives the leftovers to her husband, for Yoteret [protruding] comes from the word Shiraim [leftovers]. The protrusion of the liver is attributed to SAMDinim de Dechura [male Dinim]. But because she fornicates with others, Dinim de Nukva are mixed in her, as well.

364) From the liver and from the protrusion, from SAM and Lilit, emerges the gall, the sword of the angel of death, from which bitter drops come out to kill people. The gall hangs on the liver, and all the ailments and death are hanging on the Klipa called “gall.” On the day of Rosh Hashanah, she roams around the world to collect all the sins in the world. At that time, all the organs of the Shechina, Israel, are in trouble.

Israel are the organs of the Shechina, as it is written, “The Lord’s candle is man’s soul,” meaning that man’s soul is from the candle of the Lord, from the holy Shechina. At that time, on Rosh Hashanah, all of Israel are in trouble. They take a Shofar to invoke in it TekiahShevarim, and Teruah.

365) Since the organs and the arteries of the heart—which are compared to Israel—are in trouble, they must awaken with the trachea, which is the Shofar. This is the trachea of the lung, for since the lobes of the lung cannot quiet the gall’s anger, which overcomes the arteries of the heart and all the arteries of the body’s organs, that wind, Hassadim, which blows in them, rises up the trachea, the Shofar, the next world, since a Shofar is Bina, called “the next world.”

The gullet is similar to this world, Malchut, in which there is eating and drinking, which are the Mochin of Hassadim and Hochma, called “eating and drinking.” The trachea is similar to the next world, Bina, in which there are neither eating nor drinking. These Mochin do not appear in Bina, but in Malchut.

366) And once the Vav from the Veshet [gullet] grows long due to the excessive eating that it robbed, the Vav becomes Nun and the word Veshet becomes Satan. It is written, “The people roamed and gathered.” Shatu [roamed] comes from the word Shtut [nonsense/folly], for it caused their folly, that they mingled with the foolish mixed multitude whose passion is for eating and drinking, robbery and violence, the robbery of poor, and the groaning of the wretched. They strayed with a bent Nun, eating without grinding. It is written about them, “While the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed, the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people.”

It was because the Vav of Shatu [roamed] had stretched and became a NunSatan, and he whose spirit is bent is the bent Nun, meaning that the Kedusha became bent, and the Sitra Achra is a stretched out Nun. This caused Satan to expand in eating and drinking, and overcome all the organs and arteries in the 365 negative [Mitzvot], in the 365 days of the year, as is the number of Satan, which is 365 minus one in Gematria. He is deficient of Yom Kippur [Day of Atonement], since there are no eating or drinking in it, hence Satan does not govern on Yom Kippur, and lacks a day for the 365 days.

The Hitkalelut [mingling] of the Hochma in Hassadim in NH is called “grinding,” like the sky that grind MAN for the righteous. The mixed multitude enhance the left and extend their eating and drinking from the left without right, regarded as being without grinding. And because they ate without grinding, Satan clung to them, and the Kedusha in them became a bent Nun, since the holy spirit had fled from them.

367) And Yom Kippur is as the trachea of the lung, Bina, the next world. It is Vav Ben [son of] YodHey from Bina. As we learn, “One who sees a weed in a dream is rewarded with wisdom,” and as it is written, “Acquire wisdom, acquire understanding” [“weed” and “acquire” are spelt the same as “tracheal”]. A trachea is not less than the two of them: YodHochmaHeyBina, since there is no Bina without Hochma, and no Hochma without Bina.

This is why we must awaken the next world, a long world, with a Shofar, which is a trachea. It receives from AA, from whom there are the thirteen qualities of Rachamim, which are VavAlephVav (13) in Gematria. The Aleph is “long,” and the two Vavs are “face.”

368) Upper Ima is a Tekiah from the side of Abraham, HesedShevarim is from the side of Isaac, Gevura, and Teruah is from the side of Jacob, Tifferet. The lower ShechinaMalchut, connects everyone because she receives everyone. KeSheR [connection] is an acronym for TekiahShevarimTeruah, since Kof is TekiahShin is Shevarim, and Reish is Teruah. All are tripled in the Shechina, as it was said, “Will give You a threefold Kedusha.”

A voice cannot come out from the body outward unless through the mouth. Likewise, the Shechina must not be separated from the Creator, for it is written, “The voice of the Lord hews out flames of fire,” and the Shechina is the prayer of every mouth. These are the signs; KofShinReishKof KofShinKof KofReishKof.

369) We take a Shofar in order to evoke in it Teruah, and Tekiah, harsh Din in RachamimTeruah is harsh DinTekiah is RachamimShevarim is mild DinShevarim Tekiah is mild Din with Rachamim. At that time they awaken so above, to mingle one with the other, Din with Rachamim and Rachamim with Din.

370) In the first connection, Satan was perfumed and the Nun from Satan was bent and became Vav once more. And the Veshet [gullet] that became Satan has now reverted to become Veshet as in the beginning. It is so because the voice is the voice of Jacob, since the power of Israel is not in eating and drinking as the rest of the people, who inherit this world, and whose force is in eating and drinking. Rather, the power of Israel is in the voice of the next world, a long world, created with the letter Yod.

And because the voice of the ShofarMochin de ZA, called “voice,” which they receive from the ShofarBina—emerges from the YodHochma, not less than ten Shofars begin, corresponding to the Yod. It is so because by the letter Yod, a long world was made, Vav, the next world, which receives Mochin of the next world. And by the letter Hey He created this world, the small HeyMalchut, in which there is eating and drinking of the Torah, the Mochin of Hochma and Hassadim, called “eating and drinking.”

371) Once the sentence was sentenced in two letters Hey, in two courthouses—of Bina and of Malchut—He can revoke the sentence of both of them, only YodVav de HaVaYaH, since the Hey de HaVaYaH is upper ImaBinaYod is AbbaHochma, and it is written, “Every vow, and every binding oath to afflict the soul.” The Hey is called a “soul.” “Her husband may let it stand, or her husband may make it void.” The Yod is the husband of the first HeyBina, and the Vav is the husband of the bottom HeyMalchut. Hence they can break the sentence of the two letters Hey.

This is why we must awaken the voice, VavZA, with ten ShofarsYod, to revoke the Dinim in the two letters Hey, in Bina and in Malchut. And most importantly, each sign of the KofShinReishKof KofShinKof KofReishKof will be in one breath, in the mouth, which is a tenth part of ten.

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