Mem from Mavet [Death] Flying in the Air

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475) There are three appointees over Hell: One over bloodshed, one over incest, and one over idol worship. They are called “saboteur,” “anger,” and “wrath.” Wrath was flying in the world, and it is written about it, “Turned away My wrath.” He said, “Turned away My wrath from the children of Israel,” and he did not say, “From the people,” which would mean the mixed multitude, for it is written, “And there fell of the people that day about three thousand men,” meaning from the mixed multitude. But here it is not written, “Has turned away My wrath from the people,” but “From the children of Israel,” indicating that He did not turn away the wrath from the mixed multitude.

476) “Take from among you a donation for the Lord.” From you, and not from the mixed multitude, for Israel were not called “congregation” and “connection” until the mixed multitude were removed from them. While the mixed multitude were mingled among them, it is as though they were not one nation. And therefore, “Take from among you a donation,” and not from another partnership, from the mixed multitude, for I do not wish to share others between Me and you.

477) Moreover, while the mixed multitude were mingled in Israel, it is written, “Her adversaries have become the head.” But once the mixed multitude was removed from Israel, it was written, “Take the heads of all the congregation of the children of Israel.” Moreover, the Creator said, “I wish to dwell with you,” as it is written, “And make Me a Temple, that I may dwell among them.”

478) Also, when the children of Israel were in exile, it was said about them, “Who detains?” The leaven in the dough. But while the mixed multitude are the heads of Israel, it is as though they have removed the governance of the Creator, and came among the sentences of stars and fortunes. And because of it they yell out and say, “The Lord our God, other lords besides You have taken us.”

479) Pinhas arose before the strong Din of Isaac and stood before a breach, meaning that a plague has broken out, as it is written, “And Pinhas stood up and wrought judgment, and the plague was stopped.” He did this to protect Israel, and this is why Pinhas and Isaac are of an equal number.

480) Elijah, the beloved one of the upper king, is Pinhas. He saw Mem from Mavet [death] flying in the air, snatched it, and connected it to the letters ReishHet, which is Isaac. He has the number of Pinhas, and with the Mem, the combination ReishMemHet [Romach (spear)] was completed. Afterward he saw the Vav from Mavet flying in the firmament. He snatched it and put it in ReishMemHet, completing the combination, ReishVavMemHet [a different spelling of Romach], as it is written, “And he took a spear in his hand.”

481) With what could he snatch those two letters, MemVav? With two spirits that were kept for him above, and who partook in Pinhas. These are Pnei [the face of] Has [one who is compassionate]. With those two faces he was compassionate toward Israel so they would not be destroyed by the power of Zimri and Cozbi. “And he stabbed them both,” with the two letters Mem-Vav. This is the meaning of the words, “In that he was jealous with My jealousy among them.”

482) Why did Pinhas participate in Isaac? Isaac gave himself to be put to death. This is why he connected with Isaac, to be of help to him. It is so because from the side of the two young deer, Abraham and Jacob partook in him. Abraham, who is Hesed, partook in the letters HetSamech of Pinhas. Jacob is the letters PehNunYod of Pinhas, since it is written about him, “When he passed Pniel,” with the letters of Pnei El [Face of God].

When the world is in plight, and there is a righteous in the world who is jealous for the covenant, the patriarchs connect to him, and because of them Moses said at the time of Israel’s plight, “Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel Your servants.” The word Eliyahu [Elijah] begins with the letters YodHeyVav, which are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. He was rewarded with the letter Hey from the word, HaNavi [the prophet], Malchut, and this is Elijah the Prophet, and YodHey VavHey was completed in him.

Mem from the combination Mavet is Dinim de Dechura, which come with the HochmaVav of Mavet is Yesod, connecting the Man’ula to Mem, forming the combination, Mavet, since death comes from the Man’ula. However, the Vav of Mavet is also Man’ula, but is merely Dinim de Nukva, and the Man’ula is not apparent in her, but in the Tav. However, the force of Vav is sufficient to evoke the TavMan’ula, hence she is the foundation to connect the Mem with the Tav.

It is impossible to join the Tav of Mavet to Kedusha, since she is the Malchut that was concealed. However, the letters MemVav belong to the corrections of the Kedusha, since MemDinim de Dechura, are required in order to keep the Hochma, and the VavDinim de Nukva, are required in order to diminish the GAR of the left in her, from whom comes all the vitality of the Sitra Achra.

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