The Revival of the Dead

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161) This is what the first ones asked. But these bones that the Creator revived, the Creator performed in them miracles and strange tokens. It is written, “Remember now, that You have made me as clay; and would You turn me into dust again?” Subsequently, it is written, “You will pour me out like milk and curdle me like cheese, clothe me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews.”

After the man rots in the dust and it is time for the revival of the dead, the Creator will make that remaining bone, which does not rot, like this dough, and like milk-cheese, and as a fountain of milk, which is a clean fountain, polished with purity.

That bone will be made very thin, and will be ground until it becomes milk. Then He will curdle it and it will take on the depiction of curdled cheese. After that He will extend over it skin, flesh, bones, and sinews.

162) “You will pour me out like milk and curdle me like cheese” is written in future tense: Will pour me, curdle me, clothe me, and knit me, for it all refers to the time of the revival.

163) Subsequently, it is written, “You have granted me life and grace, and Your command has preserved my spirit.” “You have granted me life and grace” is the spirit of life. “Have granted me” is written in past tense, for “You have granted me life and grace” means that in that world, You have given me the spirit of life. “And Your command” to the queen, Malchut, “Preserved my spirit,” keeping my spirit in that world. “And Your command,” since He will command [also “visit” in Hebrew] her first.

164) All the souls of the righteous are hidden and concealed under the king’s throne, under Malchut, which is called a “throne.” She keeps them to return them to their place, as it is written, “And Your command preserved my spirit.” “Your command” is Malchut, in whose hand all the spirits are deposited, as it is written, “In Your hand I commit my spirit.” She keeps them, which is why it is written, “Preserved my spirit.”

165) Similarly, David said, “Preserve my soul for I am a Hassid [from the word Hesed].” “Preserve” means the queen, who preserves my soul for I am a Hassid. Wherever it is written without the name it is the queen, Malchut, as it is written, “And He called unto Moses,” without mentioning the name. And also, “And He said, ‘If you indeed listen to the voice of the Lord your God,’” without mentioning who is speaking, it is Malchut.

166) At the time of the revival of the dead, there is a bone that does not rot. The rest of the bones that are there, what becomes of them? They will all be included in that fountain of that bone. They will be included with it and will all become one dough, and there the depiction of the man will take place, as it is written, “And will pull out your bones.” “Pull out” is as it is written, “He pulled out from them.” They will all conceive from their existence and will be included in that bone to become one dough. And then, “And you shall be as a watered garden, and as a spring of water whose waters will not fail.”

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