Great Sanhedrin and Small Sanhedrin

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21) The subsequent Mitzva is to assume the great courthouse, Bina, which—from the side of Hesed—is called ElokimBina, “the great court.” Great is Hesed. It is great in its Dinim, left, and great in its merits, right. When the left of Bina is included in the right, Hesed, they are both called “great,” as it is written, in the Mitzva, “You shall surely set a king over you.” “Set” means above, in Bina, and “Set” below, in Malchut. This is how he should assume the great court from the side of Bina, although he already assumed the small court from the side of Malchut. The small court is a court of three, from the side of lower Divinity, Malchut. The great court is made of those: the great Sanhedrin of seventy-two—seventy Sanhedrin and two authors.

22) Rabbi Shimon said to Moses, “There were seventy in the great Sanhedrin, and you were the greatest, as it is written, “Let it be that every major dispute they will bring to you, but every minor dispute they themselves will judge.” These are the great Sanhedrin and the small Sanhedrin, of which it was said, “The great thing and the small thing.” The great Sanhedrin are from the side of upper Divinity, Bina. The small Sanhedrin are from the side of the lower Divinity, Malchut.

23) Moses is the King’s (ZA’s) best man. Aaron is the queen’s best man. And with them are the seventy-two Sanhedrin—seventy Sanhedrin over which there are Moses and Aaron, which are as the number Hesed, which is seventy-two in Gematria. This is why they are called “the great Sanhedrin,” since Hesed is called “great.” The small Sanhedrin are from the left, Malchut that is built from the left. It is written about her, the small light for the governance of the night.

24) For this reason, Tifferet, which is called “The greater light to govern the day,” as it is written, “By day the Lord will command His grace.” And since He is Hesed [grace/mercy], He is called “The great light.” “The lesser light to govern the night,” as it is written, “And in the night His song shall be with me.” This is the song of the Levites, Yesod in Malchut, as it is written, “The son of Yishai [Jesse] lives on the earth,” where lives [Heb: HetYod] is Yesod, and the earth is Malchut. He established ten kinds of singing in Psalms, and he is a righteous on the left, Yesod in Malchut, and the left, the small light, Divinity, which was taken from the left, since Divinity was built from the left line of Bina in the first state. Also, she is always from the left.

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