Israel Know How to Hunt Good Game

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In that day, Israel take only five sons, five books of the Pentateuch, HGT NH de ZA, five books of ZA, who is called Torah. Are they not six Sefirot, because there is Yesod, as well? In truth, they are seven, with one bird, Malchut, who is between the wings of Ima Bina. It is regarded as merely five degrees HGT NH because the principle of five degrees and Yesod and Malchut are two inclusions of those five degrees, and there is no further innovation in them.

Israel know how to hunt good and respectable game. They bring out that bird from under the wings of that bird, Malchut, by the whisper of the mouth that they whisper to her, whisper by whisper, through many prayers.

781) And that bird that feels the whispers and the voices whispering to her, although she is under the wings of Ima, raises her head and looks to the whispering of the voice. She flies to them and emerges from under the wings of Ima.

Because Israel take her, they keep her, whisper to her, and connect her in one connection so she does not flee and walk away. Promptly, Israel take her in that connection, and the bird wishes to fly and walk away from them, but she cannot walk.

782) And while she is tied under Israel’s hands, they whisper with their voices and she tweets with them, and flies up and down. And all those sons under their mother’s wings, HGT NHY de ZA, when they hear their sister’s tweeting, Malchut, and the whisper of the voice of Israel, promptly come out from under their mother’s wings and fly to the bird, Malchut, and Israel take them and unite with them. Were it not for that bird, to which they gripped at first, HGT NHY would never fly to them and they would not be able to unite with them.

783) How does one hunt that holy bird? Establish before her with joy a dish that is honored, and various kinds of delights, and come to the seminary. Tweet her with proper whispers, and the bird, which is hiding under the wings of Ima, will raise her head and see the set tables and the tweets for her, meaning the prayers, as they should. Then she comes out from under the wings of Ima and flies toward them, and all those sons, HGT NHY de ZA, grip her.

784) They send away she who lies on them, ImaBina, which is laying on HGT NHYM, and she goes away. It is so because from the seventh firmament, Hesed, and above, in GAR, “Do not inquire into what is covered from you.” Hence, send her, the mother, Bina, who is from GAR, for you cannot attain her. This is why it is written, “You shall certainly let the mother go, but the young you may take for yourself.” That is, send Bina from scrutinizing her, for she is unattainable, and the sons, HGT NHYM, take for yourself, but they are attainable.

785) It is written, “In your Feast of Weeks, you shall have a holy convocation.” This is the calling and the tweeting, the prayers we make for the holy bird, Malchut, in the beginning.

Afterward, when the rest of the days, HGT NHY, cling to her, they are called “holy convocations,” in plural form. It is so because the bird is called “holy,” as it is written, “for it is holy to you,” referring to Malchut. And because she is holy, she calls everyone, HGT NHY, and they come to her. This is why they are called “holy convocations.”

786) She calls HGT NHY, and Israel tweet with her and call as well. For this reason, they come to them and unite with them. This is why it is written, “These are the appointed times of the Lord, holy convocations which you shall proclaim.” “Holy convocations,” after their tweeting and after that holy bird, holiness, which calls them.

It is written, “And the mother [is] sitting on the young.” This is the Katnut that Ima bestows upon the sons, since the first correction that Bina corrects ZONHGT NHYM, is raising Malchut to her, bringing the Yod into the light of Bina and making it Avir [“air,” the difference between Ohr (light) and Avir (air) is an addition of Yod], for then Bina diminishes into VAK without GAR because of Malchut. Following her, all the degrees diminish and all receive VAK without GAR due to the ascent of Malchut to Bina in all the degrees.

That bestowal is called “The mother is sitting on the young.” If ZON did not receive that Katnut from Bina, they would not be suitable for reception of any Mochin. This is why it is regarded that HGT NHY de ZA, as well as Malchut, rose under the wings of Bina, and thus receive their Katnut. However, on appointed days and times, Israel—through their prayers and the delights of a good day—must lower the Malchut and VAK de ZA from the wings of Bina and extend to them Mochin of Gadlut from Bina.

There is one bird that is between the wings of Ima; it is the Malchut that receives the Katnut from Ima. This is called “the wings of Ima,” and by that Malchut rises to Bina, where the Yod enters the light of Bina and becomes Avir [air].

The extension of GAR from Bina to Malchut is called “hunting.” There is bad hunting, as is written about Wicked Esau, “a cunning hunter,” since he was extending the GAR of the left, which is forbidden to extend. But Israel know how to hunt good hunting, extending VAK de Hochma, which are united with Hassadim in the right through the middle line.

Israel know how to hunt good, big, and honorable game, since the game of Israel is good game, and not bad game, full of judgments as Esau. It is a big and honorable game, Mochin de Gadlut, which is honorable. This is done by uniting left with right in the middle line, and through the Zivug of ZA and Malchut.

Israel elicit that bird from under the wings of Ima by the whisper that they whisper to her, whisper by whisper. By raising MAN through their prayers to extend upper illumination, eliciting the Yod from the Avir of Bina, and returning the GAR to Bina so she bestows them upon Malchut.

First, the left line of Bina comes out at the point of Shuruk, and Malchut receives from it illumination of Hochma of the left, called “head.” That bird, which feels those whispers and those voices whispered to her, raises her head, emerges from Katnut de Ima, and receives GAR of the left, called “head.” She flies toward them and comes out from under the wings of Ima, meaning she has come out of the Katnut of Ima, but has not yet arrived at actual Gadlut, since she is in GAR of the left, in Mochin de Achoraim [back].

Because Israel take her, they hold her and whisper to her, and tie her with a knot so she does not fly and go away. That is, they raise MAN through their prayers in order to diminish her from the GAR of the left through the disclosure of Masach de Hirik. They keep her, meaning that the Masach de Hirik is a connection by which Malchut connects under Yesod de ZA. And they tie her with a knot so she does not fly and go away, so she will not be able to fly and return to GAR of the left, where Israel have no portion.

Promptly, Israel take her with that knot, and the bird wishes to fly and go away from them, but she cannot go because the Masach de Hirik diminishes the GAR of the left in a way that she can no longer return to them.

Once Malchut has waned down to a point under the Yesod, she must be raised to the palace of AVI, where she will build a new building and will be fit for mating with ZA face-to-face, as it is written, “And the Lord God built the rib.” And while she is tied in the hands of Israel, while she is still diminished, they whisper with their voices, raising MAN through their prayers, and she flies up, rising to the palace of AVI to be rebuilt. Then she comes down built and corrected so as to connect with ZA face-to-face.

All those sons under their mother’s wing, VAK de ZA, HGT NHY, received the Katnut of Bina, called “their mother’s wings.” When they hear their sister’s tweet, and the whisper of the voice of Israel, namely the sound of the prayers of Israel and Malchut’s singing, being the MAN that they raise to ZA, they promptly emerge from under their mother’s wings, emerging from Katnut de Ima, and fly and connect with the bird, Malchut, face-to-face.

Israel take them, receiving the Mochin de ZA and Malchut, and unite with them. Were it not for that bird, to which they gripped at first, the HGT NHY would never fly to them because the Hassadim received from ZA, and the Hochma received from Malchut are in unification. And as long as Israel have no Hochma, the Hassadim that they receive are regarded as mere VAK without a Rosh.

Therefore, first they must receive the Hochma from Malchut, and then they can receive the Hassadim de ZAGAR. It follows that if they did not receive Hochma from the bird, first, meaning from Malchut, the HGT NHY de ZA would never be flying toward Israel because they would be only VAK without a Rosh.

Moreover, before HGT NHY de ZA unite with Malchut, there is no Hochma even in them, since ZA is always attached to GAR de Bina, which are covered Hassadim. For this reason, they are not regarded as holy convocations, for holy means GAR, until ZA unites with Malchut.

And because she is sanctified, she calls everyone, HGT NHY, and they come to her, meaning that HGT NHY de ZA unite with her. And because they unite with Malchut, they are called “holy convocations,” meaning that there is GAR in them.

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