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5.01 Baal HaSulam

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

First, there must be a small establishment whose majority are altruists to the above-mentioned extent. This means that they will work as diligently as contract workers, ten to twelve hours a day and more. Each and every one will work according to his ability and receive according to his needs. It will have all the forms of government of a state. In this manner, even if the framework of this institution contains the entire world, and the brute-force government will be revoked completely, nothing will need to change in governance or work.

This institution will be like a global focal point with nations and states surrounding it to the farthest corners of the world. All who enter this framework of communism will have the same pro- gram and the same leadership as the center. They will be as one nation in profits, losses, and results.

5.02 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

Judgments relying on force will be completely revoked in this institution. Rather, all conflicts among the members of society will be resolved among the concerned parties. General public opin- ion shall condemn anyone who exploits the righteousness of his friend for his own good.

There will still be a courthouse, but it will only serve to sort out doubts that will come between people, but it will not rely on any force. One who rejects the court’s decision will be condemned by public opinion, and nothing more.

We should not doubt its sufficiency, as it was unbelievable that children could be educated only by explanation, but only through the cane. However, today, the greater part of civilization has taken upon itself to refrain from beating children, and this upbringing is more successful than the previous method. If there is one who is exceptional in society, he must not be brought before a court relying on force, but must be reformed through argumentation and explanation and public opinion. If all the counsels do not help him, the public will turn away from that person as though from an outcast.

Thus, he will not be able to corrupt others in society.

5.03 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

The religious form of all the nations should first obligate its members to bestowal upon each other to the extent that (the life of one’s friend will come before one’s own life), as in “Love your friend as yourself.” One will not take pleasure in society more than a straggling friend.

This will be the collective religion of all the nations that will come within the framework of communism. However, besides this, each nation may follow its own religion and tradition, and one must not interfere in the other.

5.04 Baal HaSulam,

“The Nation”

Briefly, we can say that we must set up such dissemination, scientifically and practically, that will be certain to install in the public opinion that any member who does not excel in altruism is like a predator that is unfit to be among humans, until one feels oneself within the society as a murderer and a robber.

If we systematically engage in circulating this matter using the appropriate manners, it will not require such a long process. Hitlerism proves that within a short period of time, an entire country has been turned upside down through propaganda and accepted his bizarre notion.

5.05 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

The rules of the equal religion for the entire world are as follows:

  1. One should work for the well-being of people as much as one can and even more than one’s ability, if needed, until there is no hunger or thirst in the entire world.
  2. One may be diligent, but no person shall benefit from the society more than the stragglers. There will be an equal standard of living for all.
  3. Although there is religion, tokens of honors should be imparted according to the religion: The greater the benefit one contributes to society, the higher the decoration one shall receive.
  4. Refraining from showing one’s diligence toward the benefit of society will induce punish- ment according to the laws of society.
  5. Each and every one is committed to the labor of raising ever higher the living standard of the world society, so all the people in the world will enjoy their lives and will feel more and more happiness.
  6. The same applies for spirituality, though not everyone is obligated to engage in spirituality, but only special people, depending on the need.
  7. There will be a sort of high court. Those who will want to dedicate their labor for spiritual life will have to be permitted to do so by this court.

Also, to elaborate on the other necessary laws.

5.06 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

Neither bayonets nor education or public opinion can change human nature to work willingly without adequate fuel.

Hence, it is a curse for generations. When the compulsory government is revoked, the workers will no longer yield produce that will suffice for the sustenance of the state. There is no cure for this but to bring faith in spiritual reward and punishment from above into the hearts of the workers, from He who knows the mysteries.

Thus, through the right education and promotion, that spiritual reward and punishment will be sufficient fuel for the produce of their work. They will no longer need managers or supervisors over their shoulders, but each and every one will work willingly and wholeheartedly for society, to win his or her reward from Heaven.

5.07 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

Each one of them fills his or her role in service of the public in the best way, albeit without seeing it, since public opinion presses a person even secretly, to the point where one feels that deceiving society by mistake is as grave as mistakenly killing a human being.

5.08 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

  1. They have many methodical books of wisdom and morals that prove the glory and sublim- ity of excellence in bestowing upon others, to a point where the entire nation, from small to great, engage in them wholeheartedly.
  2. Each person who is appointed to an important position must first graduate a special train- ing in the above-mentioned teaching.
  3. Their courts are busy primarily with awarding accolades marking the level of each person’s distinction in bestowal upon others. There is not a person without a medal on the sleeve, and it is a great offense to call a person not by one’s title of honor. It is also a great offense for a person to forgive such an insult to one’s title.
  4. There is such fierce competition in the field of bestowal upon others that most people risk their lives, since public opinion tremendously appreciates and respects the accolades of the highest rank in bestowal upon others.
  5. If a person is recognized as having done for oneself a little more than what was decided for him by society, society condemns it so much that it becomes a disgrace to speak with him, and he also gravely blemishes his family’s reputation. The only remedy for his plight is to ask for the court’s help, which has certain ways by which to help such miserable people who lost their position in society. But for the most part, they relocate him because of prejudice, since public opinion cannot be changed.

5.09 Baal HaSulam,

“Peace in the World”

Do not be surprised if I mix together the well-being of a particular collective with the well-being of the whole world, because indeed we have already come to such a degree where the whole world is considered one collective and one society. That is, because each person in the world draws his life’s marrow and his livelihood from all the people in the world, he thereby becomes enslaved, to serve and care for the well-being of the entire world.

5.10 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

Even courthouses will not be necessary, unless some unusual event occurs, where the neighbors do not influence an exceptional individual. In that case, special pedagogues will be needed to turn that person around through argumentation and explanation of the benefit of society until that person is brought back in line.

If a person is stubborn, and it is all to no avail, the public will turn away from that person as though from an outcast until that person rejoins the rules of society.

5.11 Baal HaSulam,

“Peace in the World”

In our generation, when each person is aided for his happiness by all the countries in the world, it is necessary that to that extent, the individual becomes enslaved to the whole world, like a wheel in a machine.

Therefore, the possibility of making good, happy, and peaceful conducts in one state is incon- ceivable when it is not so in all the countries in the world, and vice versa. In our time, the countries are all linked in the satisfaction of their needs of life, as individuals were in their families in earlier times. Therefore, we can no longer speak or deal with just conducts that guarantee the well-being of one country or one nation, but only with the well-being of the whole world, for the benefit or harm of each and every person in the world depends and is measured by the benefit of all the individuals the world over.

 5.12 Baal HaSulam,

“Peace in the World”

The collective and the individual are one and the same, and the individual is not harmed because of his enslavement to the collective, since the freedom of the collective and the freedom of the individual are one and the same, too, and as they share the good, they also share the freedom. Thus, good attributes and bad attributes, good deeds and bad deeds are evaluated only with respect to the benefit of the public.

Of course, the above words apply if all the individuals perform their role toward the public to the fullest and receive no more than they deserve, nor take from their friend’s share. But if a part of the collective does not behave accordingly, as a result, they not only harm the collective, but they, too, are harmed.

We should not discuss further something that is known to all, and the aforesaid is only to show the drawback, the place that needs correction, namely that each and every individual will under- stand that his own benefit and the benefit of the collective are one and the same, and by this, the world will come to its full correction.

 5.13 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

The whole world is one family. The framework of communism should eventually encircle the entire world in an equal standard of living for all. However, the actual process is gradual. Each nation whose majority accepts these basic elements practically, and has a guaranteed fuel, may enter the framework of communism right away.

5.14 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

First, there must be a small establishment, whose majority is willing to work as much as it can and receive as much as it needs for religious reasons. It will work as diligently as contract workers, even more than the eight-hour workday. It will contain all the forms of government of a complete state. In a word, the order of that small society will be sufficient for all the nations in the world, without adding or subtracting.

This institution will be like a global focal point for nations and states surrounding it to the farthest corners of the world. All who enter that framework shall assume the same leadership and the same agenda as the institution. Thus, the entire world will be a single nation, in profits, losses, and results.

5.15 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

Ultimately, altruistic communism will encircle the entire world, and the entire world will have the same standard of living. However, the actual process is slow and gradual. Each nation whose majority of the public has been educated to bestowal upon one another will enter the international communist framework first.

All the nations that have already entered the international communist framework will have an equal standard of living.

5.16 Baal HaSulam,

“The Nation”

Our planet is rich enough to provide for all of us, so why should we fight this tragic war to the death, which has been dimming our lives for generations? Let us share among us the labor and its produce equally, and the end to all the troubles! After all, what pleasure do even the millionaires among us derive from their possessions if not the security of their sustenance for them and for their progeny several generations on? But in a regime of just division they will also have the same certainty and even more.

And should you say that they will not have the respect that they had while they were property owners, that, too, is nothing, for all those strong ones who have gained the power to earn respect as property owners will certainly find the same amount of honor elsewhere, for the gates of competition will never be locked.

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