Kept Wine

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83) “Who ate the fat of their sacrifices, and drank the wine of their drink offering?” Happy are Israel for they are holy, and the Creator wishes to sanctify them. The holy Israel, the entire life of the world that they inherit depends on the next world, Bina, since it is the life of everything, above and below. And this is the place of the kept wine—in her left line. From there, from Bina, life and sanctity emit to all.

And the wine of Israel below is holy because of the wine of another Israel, above, which is ZA, who receives the kept wine from Bina. One depends upon the other, for the wine below depends and corresponds to the wine above, since Israel above, ZA, take life in the wine, illumination of Hochma, called Haya. This is why it is called, “The Tree of Life.” It is a tree from that place which is called life, and from which life emits. This is the reason why we bless to the Creator with wine, for the wine of Israel below is as the wine above.

84) An idol worshipper is impure, and one who nears him becomes impure. When he approaches and touches Israel’s wine, the wine is defiled and is forbidden to drink. All the more so, the wine that he himself makes is impure, since their wine is discerned as the Sitra Achra, which extends the intoxicating wine, the extension of illumination of Hochma from the left, from above downwards, which is severe impurity that nourishes the Klipot [shells].

The kept wine, however, is the wine of the upper Israel, ZA, which extends from below upwards. Hence, do not say that only the wine that Israel makes below is as that of above, but all that Israel do below is a sample of above, especially with wine, which stands at a high place, like the kept wine.

85) For this reason, Israel drink the wine of Israel, which was made properly, in sanctity. It is similar to the Israel above, ZA, who drinks and is rooted and blessed by that sublime, holy wine, which extends from Bina from below upwards. And they do not drink wine that was made in impurity and from the side of impurity, since the spirit of impurity is in it, and the spirit of one who drinks it is defiled, and he is defiled. He is not from the side of Israel and has no share in the next world, since the next world, which is Bina, is the place of the kept wine that extends from below upwards.

86) Hence, the holy Israel should keep it more than anything, since it connects to the place of the next world. And for this reason, the Creator is blessed with wine more than with anything, since it rejoices the left side of ZA, by the force of the kept wine that stretches to it from Bina. In its joy, it is included in the right of ZA, and the Hassadim from the right are included with the illumination of Hochma in the left.

And when everything becomes right in ZA, when the right in him prevails, the Holy Name, Malchut, delights, and the blessings are present in all the worlds. The act of drinking wine below awakens the act above, and illumination of Hochma, the kept wine, extends from Bina to the left line of ZA, as it is written, “drink, drink abundantly, O beloved.” This is why we summon the wine below, corresponding to the wine above.

87) And because it is kept wine above, in Bina, it must be kept below from any foreign touch. Its keeping is holiness for Israel, and one who flaws it below, in the side of impurity, will be defiled in this world and will have no share in the next world, Bina, the place of that kept wine.

And since he did not keep the wine below, he is not kept for the next world. He defiled the wine and he will be defiled in that world, and will have no share in that wine of the next world. Happy are Israel who sanctify themselves with the upper holiness and keep what should be kept, and sanctify the king with this sublime keeping. Happy are they in this world and in the next.

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